St. Joseph Home

What’s Your Why? Sr. Marge Kloos, SC

Sr. Marge (right) connects with fellow SJH Board member, Sr. Victoria Anyanwu, SC, and SJH Executive Assistant, Tina Cook (left) at the President’s Dinner.

Sister Marge Kloos, a Sister of Charity, began her engagement with St. Joseph Home (SJH) more than thirty years ago as a young sister and volunteer. She now proudly serves on the SJH Board of Directors. In talking with Sr. Marge, it’s easy to witness her passion for St. Joseph Home. We can learn so much from her reflections. Some of her words of wisdom regarding what her experiences at SJH have taught her include:

  • Each individual we serve has a way to communicate with others especially when it comes to showing gratitude.
  • Spending quality time is imperative when interacting with those SJH serves – those experiences give you a deeper understanding of each person.
  • There are so many similarities between our residents and other people whether it be interest in sports, music, or even in being silly.

A couple of key stories really drive Sr. Marge’s “Why”. During one of her early visits as a volunteer, she met a resident who made sure she felt especially welcome in his home. He would do this by tapping her on the hand when she arrived to show her that he knew she was there with him. This gentleman was deaf and blind and he was the one reassuring Sr. Marge. This awoke her to the realization that each person has their own way to effectively communicate and that other-abledness (as she calls it) becomes readily apparent when we each share our presence fully. This formative experience has strongly informed her approach to ministry throughout her life as a Sister.

Another, more recent memory is a driving reason why Sr. Marge remains passionately engaged with SJH. Sr. Marge believes that all of us are vulnerable in our own, unique ways. As part of her Board engagement, she and other Board members spent an evening with the residents of what was then the new Community Home. When they arrived, the residents and staff were discussing where to eat dinner. There was a resident who had a difficult day and everyone wanted to make her feel better. They decided she would choose where to eat that evening. One of her fellow residents rolled her chair over, tapped the hurting resident on the hand, and they sat together in silence. Everyone in the Home then joined them in this pause and all sat together peacefully. As Sr. Marge said, “It was a sacred quiet—how respectful of her community to give their hurting companion the gift of presence and quiet affirmation. After a good five minutes, she looked up and smiled at all of us. Life went on and we went to her favorite place for dinner—Olive Garden”. There are days where many of us might be hurting, struggling or frustrated. It’s during times like these, each of us needs companions and a community to lean on. Sr. Marge knows that St. Joseph Home is a community where residents and staff lean on each other like a family. It is for reasons such as this that Sr. Marge is proud to be a part of the St. Joseph Home community.

Thank you, Sr. Marge, for your long-standing service to and belief in St. Joseph Home. We are grateful for your presence and your leadership!