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What’s Your Why? Samantha Mosteller

Sam and Sean enjoy time out on the SJH Greenspace

This month, we are excited to focus on Samantha Mosteller and what drives her work in our community. Sam began her story with St. Joseph Home in early 2015 as an overnight nursing supervisor on our main residential campus. Since then, she has taken on many other important roles including Nurse Manager and Assistant Respite Manager, before stepping into her current role as Respite Manager. Over the years, she has had the privilege of touching many different lives and impacting our community in a positive way, while learning a lot about herself in the process.

As the Respite Manager, Sam manages care for over 100 Respite guests annually, supporting 8 individuals at any given time with the expertise of her team. Sam’s team is tight knit and primarily consists of Direct Service Professionals and nurses who serve in shifts around the clock. In each one of the guests she serves, Sam sees something unique and beautiful and neither of those are defined by their disability. Respite guests are unique individuals just like everyone else – they have different eye colors, hair, likes, dislikes, and so on. While Sam sees each person’s uniqueness, she also is regularly taken by the similarities between herself and those she serves. For example, Sam has found guests with whom she shares music tastes, preferred carry out restaurants, or favorite movies. Sam says that she’s continuously amazed by how strong each individual’s personality is, but the key to discovering these details is to take the time to learn and get to know each and every individual. It takes patience and effort, but the result is a deep love and caring connection that she sees lasting a lifetime.

The connections that are formed here between staff, volunteers, and all those we serve, means that people come here for more than a job and the reason for why goes much deeper than just having a kind heart and a charitable soul. Sam believes that her time spent at St. Joseph Home has taught her so much more than she imagined a job ever could. She is regularly reminded not to take daily activities like walking, talking, and breathing for granted. She is thankful for the chance to get to do what she loves every day and blessed to be a part of all her respite guests’ lives.

Thank you, Sam, for sharing your WHY with all of us. We are grateful to learn from you!

Throughout 2019, St. Joseph Home will focus on the question of WHY in relation to its staff and volunteers. The staff and volunteers who have worked alongside our residents have learned from and shared experiences with them, gaining different perspectives about what it means to be part of something greater than themselves. While St. Joseph Home is known for creating a community where all individuals can be embraced for their dreams and abilities, there is always much more to learn about and be inspired by when it comes to the individuals we serve. Spreading knowledge is imperative for creating an inclusive attitude and this is our chance to share with you and many others WHY we do what we do each and every day. Please enjoy our “What’s Your Why?” Blog throughout this year.