St. Joseph Home

Melodies that Make an Impact

Recently the atmosphere at the SJH Adult Day Program, located in Blue Ash, has been filled with the sounds of music and merriment.  As part of the ongoing music therapy initiatives there are many different styles of music that are being researched with participants.

A local organization, Melodic Connections, visits weekly to individually explore interests with different instruments such as the piano and guitar.  These instruments, which are often adapted to fit the specific physical capabilities of each participant, may be used to work on range of motion, hand grasp strength, and non-verbal self-expression.  In addition, this type of therapy can increase an individual’s level of independence as well as enhance feelings of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

Over the summer long-time volunteer Nathan, shared his vast musical talents playing the violin.  He would perform renditions of a wide array of music including Sam Smith and Adele as well as some other favorites that allowed for participants to join in with tambourines, bells and maracas.  For some participants, listening to music may facilitate relaxation and is especially beneficial for those individuals who have difficulties with spasticity.

And of course, the latest and greatest trends in technology play an important part as well.  Musical instruments such as the Beamz and Skoog are designed for individuals whom are unable to play traditional instruments as they can be operated with any part of one’s body.  When used in conjunction with an iPad or PC these fascinating devices, that were funded in thanks to the Cambridge Foundation, allow a participant to experience the joy of making music for themselves and reach their fullest creative potential.