St. Joseph Home

Inspiring Art

The Adult Day Program of St. Joseph Home provides recreation and leisure activities with a focus on sensory awareness, communication, skills, movement exploration/range of motion and community belonging for adults with significant medical, physical and developmental needs.  This includes use of an on-site art studio which allows participants to engage in art therapy.  Through the use of their eyes, facial expressions and gestures in addition to hand over hand assistance they are able to create powerful paintings and sculptures that express their emotions in a unique way.

Nurse Edie who often assists in the hand over hand art therapy process comments, “These amazing individuals are literally breaking down some of the barriers that they and their peers face while trying to become part of their community.  Some of the opportunities that we are finding as a direct result of their passion for creating art has opened doors that will allow for them to not only share their talents with the broader community, but also increase their ability to learn new skills.”

Recently four program participants, Katie W., Angie, Katie G. and Sarah, received special recognition at the Art North competition. They were among hundreds of very talented artists who submitted pieces of art for consideration where only two dozen finalists were selected to exhibit their amazing work in the Westheimer Gallery at The Sharonville Cultural Arts Center November 17th through January 2018.  Congratulations Ladies!