St. Joseph Home

Beth Enjoys the Arts

When you think of all the things that make up our local culture, several things could come to mind – art, history, and music, places such as museums, local shops and restaurants, or sporting events are just a few examples. The people who enjoy these things and attend these events also make up the local culture. A friend of mine from St. Joseph Home and I have been very busy recently enjoying some of the things our local culture has to offer.

Beth, proud to be SJH’s oldest resident, enjoys exploring many parts of our local culture during her evenings and weekends. Her brother once told me of her interest in poetry, an interest of Beth’s that I wasn’t aware of and was excited to experience together. So, when we heard that there was going to be a poetry reading at the Main Library, Beth and I decided to attend. On the day of the poetry reading, it was evident that Beth was not in the best of spirits. During the ride downtown, though, I reassured Beth that she would not have to attend the poetry reading if she didn’t like it. Luckily for both of us, she ended up loving it! She was hooked at the start of the first poem, listening intently and happily to the reader on stage. When intermission time came, she became agitated because she was not ready to take a break from listening to poetry. She wanted to hear all the poetry that she could. Toward the end of the event, Beth was informed that they would have to be heading back home soon, but she was not ready to go and convinced us to stay for one more poem.

A few weeks later, Beth and I had another opportunity to enjoy some of the local culture at a “Signs and Songs” concert held at The American Sign Museum. We were even lucky enough to get front row seats! The main performers that night were The Hot Magnolias, a Cincinnati-based band that features music as varied as 1920s traditional jazz to 1970s funky dance. It would be an understatement to say that Beth enjoyed her night out. All evening long, Beth smiled, cheered, and laughed out loud for the band, enjoying the sounds of the powerful horns and trumpets. After the show, the guitar player came over to talk to Beth and gifted her a CD. She was so excited she could barely contain herself! Her arms were waving, her legs were kicking, and she was laughing out loud. We thought she might just come right out of her seat!

From a night of poetry, to a night of music and Jazz, we know Beth loves to be a part of the local community and culture and that we are all richer for having her along for the ride.

–Lynn Bowles, Friend of Beth and SJH Activity Coordinator

Lynn and Beth enjoy a dinner out together earlier this year.