St. Joseph Home

Angie at Work

Angie loves to be with friends and to meet new people. Last Year, in collaboration with the Perlman Center, she acquired a communication device and the training to use it. So, with the use of a switch activated with her elbow, she can click on the things she wants to say and the device gives her a voice!  Angie, with occasional help from Victoria, a Direct Support Professional, is now greeting our guests in St. Joseph Home’s reception area every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am until 11:30am.

They’ve been at this since October and they’re still going strong. When someone arrives, Angie clicks through different screens on her device – a main page, people page, a social page, etc. She can tell you her story, show you pictures of her family, say hello to you individually, and of course, the most used phrase at work is, “Hello, welcome to St. Joseph Home, my name is Angie.” If you have time to chat, she will tell you when her birthday is, her favorite color, as well as answer your questions.

Our donor support of the Possibility Fund has been a very important part of helping Angie live a meaningful and engaged life. She told us she wants to work, and with your help, we are moving her in that direction. Belonging and being part of a community, being valued and considered, is important to all of us.