St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Heritage

Our incoming board chair, Ann Keefe, recently shared some of her thoughts regarding the SJH Community and its 145 year heritage with the 2018 Golf Classic and Celebration guests…

When I was asked to speak about what St. Joseph Home means to me, I began reflecting back to grade school and high school where I had the privilege of being taught by the Sisters of Charity.  At that time I was too young and naïve to understand their amazing influence.  Many years later, following college, where I had ideas of what my career path should look like, it became clear to me that God had a different idea for me.

After relocating from Springfield, my first job here in Cincinnati was working with individuals living with developmental disabilities, a field I knew very little about.  As life would have it, I never left the field.  I discovered my passion and a gift in a place I never imagined.  Several years later my friend and mentor, Michael Rench, introduced me to SJH as he was CEO at the time.  After getting involved with different committees, my husband Mike and I were asked to chair the SJH Golf Committee…that was 6 years ago now.

It was during that first year of chairing the committee that Mike and I learned both he and his sister were adopted from SJH when it was operating as St. Joseph Infant & Maternity Home.  Needless to say, we were stunned!  God had a plan for me…and it just so happened that his plan included my entire family.

This amazing place, St. Joseph Home, began as a place of love.  Through all of its 145 year history it still remains a place of love.  It is evident in the residents, respite guests, day program participants as well as staff and families…both past and present.  I’m truly grateful for all that St. Joseph Home and the Sisters of Charity has done and continues to do for everyone they serve.

Ann Keefe, vice chair of the SJH Board of Trustees