St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Heritage

Heritage is an important pillar at St. Joseph Home. It is so important to be able to reflect on where we have been to not only appreciate the challenges and sacrifices of those before us but to also learn and better plan for our future building on positives and hopefully not repeating the not so positives. Philosopher George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

When I think Heritage in the aspect of reflecting and remembering our past, one person leaps to the front of my mind. Debbie Kaegi holds the title of Historian. I don’t think this one of many titles assigned to her but it became a natural role through her actions. If anyone in or out of St. Joseph Home has a question as it relates to our 144-year history Debbie is almost always consulted. I have known Debbie since 1994 and I have never seen someone with so much passion and eagerness to share about where St. Joseph Home has been as well as how we wouldn’t be here today without the Sisters of Charity. This window into our history always drives me to not only be a better person but to strive to forge a path for our future with the same passion and heart as the sisters before us.

Through Debbie, the Legacy of the Sisters of Charity and St. Joseph Home continues to flourish. With the passion she speaks of things from our past that happened many years before she was even born, you would almost believe she personally experienced it, allowing for you to experience.

If you have the chance to spend some time with Debbie talking about our Heritage, I promise it will be informative, enlightening, emotional, and inspiring. I am so proud to be a part of this organization not just for the wonderful things that we do today, but also to be allowed to be a part of such a rich and beautiful history. So while Mr. Santayana had a point about being condemned to repeat bad things, we may lose the rich positive wonderful things in the past that we should want to strive to live up to.

By: Greg Cox, Manager of Respite and Community Outreach