St. Joseph Home

Pillars In Action: Community

Mrs. Petroviac, Grandmother of a beloved St. Joseph Home resident and long time supporter of the SJH Community, recently shared these words at  a Caring Companion Society Brunch….

“Our grandson Phillip Peters lived here at St. Joseph Home for 26 years.  On January 30th, God decided Phillip should come and live with him in Heaven.  Our reason for being a partner in the Caring Companion Society is because for 26 years, Phillip received great care and attention as do all the residents that reside here.  It’s hard to express our feelings to everyone involved in the care for Phillip, other than it just doesn’t seem enough, but we truly did appreciate everyone.  I could go on and on why we’re partners in the Caring Companion Society, but the main reason is, if anyone has a child that has special needs, there is no better place for him or her to be than right here at St. Joseph Home.  St. Joseph Home will be part of our family forever.”