St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Community

Hello, it’s me Nick!

On July 24th of 2000, I received a call from SJH to interview for a direct care staff position and was welcomed into the SJH community just a few weeks later.  I never would have imagined that 17 years later I would still be a part of this community and in my current role as the Facilities Support Manager.

I made the decision to continue working at SJH because I truly enjoy providing compassionate care to the individuals that we serve.  It satisfies me to know that our residents need me just as much as I need them in order to remain humble.  Their smiles, cries, laughter and all of their unique personalities are priceless.

As Anthony D’angelo says “without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

I genuinely care deeply for my community.  I’ve gained several strengths and abilities throughout my tenure at SJH.  I am proud to be a role model for my peers and colleagues as well as assist in developing employees as they establish their careers.  I honorably carry out the mission and ministry of SJH in a positive and professional manner every day.

I’m so grateful to be a part of the SJH community…..the residents will always be my neighbor.

Nick Smith, SJH Facilities Support Manager