St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Community

When I think of the Pillar of Community, I think of an environment that fosters love and teamwork. It is defined by a welcoming spirit that offers support and compassion and is free of judgment.

St. Joseph Home has built a community for the residents and employees to feel loved, supported and engaged. We strive to build a positive inclusive environment for the individuals we serve. We not only want to focus on those inside the SJH Community, but also everyone in the surrounding community. Each day, we continue to build relationships outside of the SJH community. In doing this, the residents form genuine relationships and become more engaged in their personal interests.

The residents at the Community Home have formed so many friendships outside of St. Joseph Home and these friends have become involved in the residents lives.  The Community Home residents will often host gatherings and parties which not only brings more joy into their lives, but also gives others the opportunity to see the strength and beauty of the SJH Community. To me, this demonstrates the welcoming and loving environment that has been created here.

The St. Joseph Home Community enables us to offer the individual’s that we serve a special, supportive and beautiful place for them to call home.

By: Annie Renzi, Community Home Manager