St. Joseph Home

A Message from Dan Connors, President & CEO

To Our Valued Community, 

The vision of St. Joseph Home has been guided by our Four Pillars– perhaps most central being our pillar of Community. This pillar was heavily influenced by the teachings of the late Jean Vanier, a Catholic theologian well-known for his work establishing communities serving people with developmental disabilities. 

It is with a distraught heart that I address the recent, alarming report revealing Jean Vanier’s compliance with and perpetration of sexual abuse towards women. The aforementioned report, found here, accurately details the complex circumstances but it is clear that many have suffered at his hand. 

I personally am deeply disturbed by these actions and condemn them. These sickening acts go against what we once believed Vanier to stand for and against our foundation as an organization – to protect those who are most at risk from the exploitation of the powerful. 

I have asked our team to complete a comprehensive audit of all our printed and digital materials where Vanier may be referenced and remove anything that may be attributed to or linked to him. 

As it stands, our pillar of Community is presently tied to Vanier’s teachings and we are uncertain if it will continue to have a place in our identity. I am certain, however, that with counsel from our governing board and trusted advisors, we will be able to determine a clear path forward.

St. Joseph Home, together with so many other communities influence by Jean Vanier, will continue to support people with developmental disability – valuing them, listening to them, and respecting them. I’m sorry to have to respond to such sad news, but I believe it’s important for all of us to be aware as we take steps together to address this issue.

May we commit to keeping open eyes. May we vow to be guides for one another in virtue. And may we agree to stand with one another as lights against such dark acts of evil in our world.

In service with you,