St. Joseph Home

The Importance of Customer Service

St. Joseph Home has a lot of moving parts that help provide top notch service and care for our residents and respite guests which include staff, volunteers, parents and vendors.  Each part of this organization is fully committed to serving and providing the best possible care for our residents and respite guests on a daily basis.  A main area of focus for the Plant Operations Department, which includes Maintenance, Environmental Services and Dietary, is to focus on having a Customer Service mentality.  If the customers’ needs are your main focus everything else will fall into place.

Customer Service for St. Joseph Home refers to the interactions between all employees, residents, guests, volunteers and vendors.  The way employees treat each other and work on solutions internally affects the customer and the bottom line which is to provide top notch care for our residents and guests every single day.

Customer Service can come in many different forms.  Obviously our staff want to make sure that they are doing the best they possibly can when it comes to doing their daily job whether it be Environmental Services with the cleaning of the building and resident areas, Dietary ensuring all meals are properly prepared or Maintenance making sure that all equipment is properly maintained to prevent down time.   With the Plant Operation Departments these are the expectations that are a given, it’s when customer service gets taken to the next level that makes St. Joseph Home truly special.

When you think of Plant Operations you don’t necessarily think of this department as having a lot of face to face interaction with our “customer” which in our case is the residents, guests, families, etc.  An example of taking customer service to the next level comes from our maintenance department.  Each month we conduct fire drills which includes flashing strobes and a loud horn and one particular resident would get scared when the fire alarm would go off.  In an effort to help ease the resident’s fear of the fire alarm, the maintenance department made this resident an official member of the fire drill committee. This gave him a say on when the fire drill would take place and also allowed him to participate in the drill by activating the fire alarm.   Now, even though the resident still doesn’t like the loud noise, he has a say on when the drill will take place and allows him the knowledge of knowing the “top secret” information on when the drill will be so he can prepare.  To this day, every time I see this resident they want to know when we are doing the next fire drill.

To most this story may not seem like that big of a deal in terms of customer service but for the resident this has had an impact on how they handle their fear of the fire drill by engaging them in our everyday work and that is something we are very proud of.  The residents and respite guests have been, are and always will be the main focus of what we do and we will continue to find ways to improve and provide the best possible service and care.

By: Drew Curtis, SJH Community Facilities Manager