St. Joseph Home

Possibility Progress

This past fall we shared the story of Angie’s journey to express her voice.  With the assistance of the Perlman Center, Speech Therapist Melissa Goetz and other SJH Staff, Angie continues to grow in using a communication device that helps her put words to her thoughts, feelings and desires.

We are excited to share that residents John and Danny have now begun their very own journey in using technology to express their voice.  Recently, both men have been meeting with the Perlman Center to undergo testing which has determined they too are good candidates for communication devices.  We look forward to the day, that like Angie, John and Danny will be able to share their stories with their newfound method of expressing their voice.  We will continue to provide updates on their progress as they do so.

These stories of possibility have come to fruition through the SJH Possibility Fund.  And there are many other opportunities for us to explore possibility through the use of this fund.  For example, the purchase of an EasyStand, a device designed to support an individual with disabilities in a standing position.

The EasyStand offers a plethora of benefits; improve/maintain boneintegrity and skeletal development, lessen the progression of scoliosis, improve range of motion and circulation, reduce swelling, aid in bowel/kidney/bladder functions, management of atrophy and ulcers as well as decrease joint/muscle contractures.  For a young resident like Joseph the use of such a device offers significant advantage during the critical years of his growth and development.

We give thanks to those who continue to support the St. Joseph Home Possibility Fund for without, these powerful stories would not exist.