St. Joseph Home

Green Space Project

Fresh air. A soft breeze. The warmth of sunshine.  The smell of spring. Most of us enjoy these outdoor experiences without giving them a second thought.  That’s not the case for the residents and respite guests of St. Joseph Home.  Among the most significantly developmentally disabled, physically and emotionally, these amazing people — ages 1 to 58 years — live each day in a world where opportunities that many take for granted, such as simply getting outside, are a challenge based on the unique needs that their disabilities require.  For people with limitations of movement, vision, hearing, cognitive ability, behavioral difficulties, pain and other challenging conditions, the opportunity to enjoy the smells, sounds, sights and textures of the outdoors is an opportunity to experience the world like most of us do. It’s a huge dose of happiness that’s hard to describe.  Currently, the main campus residents and respite guests at St. Joseph Home, and their family and friends, have no place to safely enjoy time together outdoors.

The Green Space will afford St. Joseph Home the opportunity to develop 33-acres, enhance our campus and offer an economical means to maintain the land.  Most importantly, this project will provide our main campus residents, respite guests as well as their families and friends access to a ¼ mile walking trail, wetlands, a memorial garden, scenic overlooks and a shelter area.  This park like environment will help residents and respite guests integrate into the community right in their own backyard as well as offer opportunities for the hundreds of volunteers who serve the SJH community through cleaning and maintenance of the space as well as flower/vegetable gardening and, most importantly, spending time with residents enjoying the outdoors.  Additionally, the space will provide the broader community with recreational, wellness and educational opportunities.

Staying true to St. Joseph Home’s rich heritage, the Green Space Project promotes the Mission of the Sisters of Charity by nurturing “Care for all of Creation”.  Further, the green space is truly a “green” initiative in that it will create a sustainable marsh and wetland area that will not only protect the land and properties surrounding the acreage but also promote the principles on which the community was founded.  St. Joseph Home is honored to announce their achievement as a 2017 Impact 100 Grant Finalist in relevance to the Green Space Project.  Expected completion date is spring 2018.



Green Space Project Overview
Green Space Project 3D Preview