St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action

Over the coming weeks, St. Joseph Home will be launching a community conversation that we are calling Pillars in Action (#pillarsinaction). For several years, St. Joseph Home has been guided by the Pillars of Heritage, Community, Gentle Presence, and Servant Leadership. These pillars are found in everything from the subtle day-to-day interactions of our staff with residents to the powerful ways in which our residents teach us to be better people as we get to know them. Pillars in Action will be a simple articulation from various members of our community of how they have seen a member of our community put one of the pillars in action. For quite some time I have said that, to me, the pillars are not new concepts around St. Joseph Home, but rather represent the work that has been done around St. Joseph Home for literally over a hundred years. Pillars in Action will give us an opportunity to share examples of this great tradition.

Recently, our Day Program staff talked to our board about the artwork that is done by some of our residents who have a passion for art at the Day Program. As I heard Day Program Nurse Edie discuss the process that she goes through with each resident to help them select styles of art, colors, and textures for which they have a passion for creating, I couldn’t help but think of our Pillar of Gentle Presence in action. Gentle Presence, at its core, is about making every resident feel safe, loved, and engaged. Knowing the deliberate time, patience and care that goes into the selection of each aspect of the art was such a clear example of the Gentle Presence concept of engagement. The art program ensures that the artwork that is truly the product of the individual artist’s passion and the staff are merely facilitators of assisting someone in their unique passion. What a powerful example of a Pillar in Action!

By: Dan Connors, President/CEO