St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Gentle Presence

St. Joseph Home is about relationships and companionship. Whether it is the caregiver to resident relationship, staff to family, staff to staff, volunteer to resident, and so on. So many relationships make St. Joseph Home an inspiring place.

As John McGee coined in his theory on Gentle Teaching (or Gentle Presence as we refer to it), for true companionship to occur a person must:
feel safe in your presence
feel unconditional love
feel loving toward you
feel engaged with you and trust you

He further says, “people are social beings, we all need to feel connected in our relationships in our daily life and in a safe and caring community.”

I feel blessed every day to see this practice in action. St. Joseph Home challenges us all to feel connected to others in very meaningful ways. I truly feel connected to my co-workers, residents, respite guests, families, and volunteers. We are all committed to serving many that have had such an impact on our lives. The individuals and families we care for give us so much more than anything we could give to them. May we strive to continue to build those trusting relationships and feel connected to all those around us.

By: Theresa Brockert, Director of ICF Services