St. Joseph Home

Pillars in Action: Day Program

Last week as I was walking up to the Day Program I was taken back by the beauty of the landscaping and garden boxes. It was absolutely stunning! I decided to take a stroll down the pathway that has all of the garden boxes and planters alongside to take it all in. As I did there were participants, staff, and a volunteer tending to the garden and planters while enjoying the beauty of the day, the plants, and each other. I could not help but take a minute to reflect on what I was seeing– our pillar of community in action.

The beautiful landscape and garden all began with an idea from a family member knowing some of the Day Program participant’s mutual interests of nature and gardening and their desire to use this as a way for them to share their unique gifts and creativity with each other and our whole community. Jean Vanier says, “Community is like an orchestra: each instrument is beautiful when it plays alone, but when they all play together, each is given its own weight, in turn, the result is even more beautiful.” The Day Program garden is an example of this. This garden has interwoven together, families, Day Program participants, staff, and volunteers, fostering relationships among them and leaving everyone better, more beautiful and more interconnected because of it.…a true portrayal of Community.

By: Becky Watson, Director of Community Services