St. Joseph Home

Fiscal Responsibility

At the heart of every organization, mission drives everyday activities.  St. Joseph Home is no different; mission is at the forefront of everything we do from the care we give all the way to the budget and strategic direction of the organization.  As with many businesses and organizations, budgeting is an important planning time for St. Joseph Home.  It a busy time of analyzing what we have done in the past and looking into the future to make sure our budget aligns with the strategic path for the upcoming year.

Every March and April St. Joseph Home is buzzing with what is happening with Medicaid and how will it affect our per diem rate; as well as with how much we will need to raise in private dollars to supplement the deficit of what Medicaid will cover and the true cost giving quality care.  The financial cycle that we work through every year entails planning, accounting, reporting and analysis.   Through this process it is leadership’s job to ensure public trust and to ensure resources are being used to further the mission of The Home.  It is a great time of year.

Good financial leadership and a good budgeting process can ensure the long term viability of a not for profit for years into the future.  The budget is simply the avenue or reflection of what we expect to accomplish during the upcoming fiscal year.  This year St. Joseph Home plans to continue its 144 year tradition of caring for individuals and giving excellent care.  The first step is to look at the past to determine where we are going in the future.

By: Patricia Vonderahe, SJH Chief Financial Officer