St. Joseph Home

Facing and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable for 145 years.

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Our 4 Pillars

St. Joseph Home is guided by the following principles: Community, Gentle Presence, Servant Leadership and Heritage.



The SJH Community is multigenerational, heirs to the love and commitment of generations before and builders and ground layers for future ones. Our community braids together families, neighbors, staff, individuals with care needs, donors, volunteers, legislators and more. Each day community can be felt and seen through the culture and spirit at St. Joseph Home.



St. Joseph Home exercises great care and mindfulness in guaranteeing a safe, loving, engaging atmosphere for all. No matter your role, you are valued and can rely on St. Joseph Home for support. As John McGee noted, we all need to experience an environment where we feel safe and loved; where we can trust; and where we can engage in valued relationships.


Servant Leadership

Here we practice Servant Leadership as taught by Robert Greenleaf. Together all staff have a share in the ownership of both success and failure, and most importantly ownership of the future of St. Joseph Home. Each team member is unique and respected. United under one mission, members are empowered to lead and serve.



Sustained by our roots with The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, St. Joseph Home responds to the call to serve those in need. We, together with others in service, seek to make the world more just and loving. We do so by employing the mission of the Sisters to act justly, to build loving relationships, to share our resources with those in need, and to care for all creation.

St. Joseph Home has been a good place for John to grow up. He gets a lot of activity here and if you know John, he likes to be active. SJH has impacted him to keeping him happy and that’s what we want, for John to be happy. Dr. Greg Bruchs (SJH Parent)

Success Story

The Green Space is Open!

This summer, St. Joseph Home residents, respite guests and day program participants have more opportunities than ever before to enjoy and benefit from the natural delights of the outdoors. Six acres in the northwest portion of the 33-acre campus have been transformed into The Green Space, offering a quarter-mile walking trail and a sensory lane, an enclosed picnic shelter, memorial garden, wetland-like areas and scenic overlooks.

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Community Conversations

Pillars In Action: Gentle Presence

August 1, 2018

Lately you may have noticed that the ceiling tiles within the resident cottages have become a lot more colorful!  We have a group of gifted staff who have been creating beautiful works of art by personalizing a ceiling tile for each resident in all of the cottages.  I was just astounded when I saw some. . .

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St. Joseph Home Family Picnic
Working at St. Joseph Home